Fluid Waste Services - 21787 Riverwood Ave - Noblesville, IN 46062 - Tel: 317-773-7996


Fluid Waste Services Inc. began operations in response to the increasing demands and pressures upon the Utility Maintenance Industry of the late 1980’s.  

The opportunity to provide an elevated level of professionalism and high quality service is continually augmented with evolving technology, education, and equipment.


Fluid Waste Services has built a strong and dedicated team with tremendous experience, depth, energy and enthusiasm for success.  


Equipment selected by our crews must meet the highest standards of performance, productivity and reliability.  We have worked tirelessly with vendors and suppliers to have machines that continually raise the bar. The current fleet of Jet/Vac’s, Vacuum Trucks, and Video Inspection Equipment is unmatched from any one location within our service area.   


Safety has never enjoyed a greater role within the industry.  Owners, Operators, and successful service firms will not sacrifice safety for price.  The tremendous advances in safety equipment, awareness, tools and education are the very core for continued growth.


There is certainly no glory or glamour associated with our chosen industry.  However to have earned and maintained a solid reputation worthy of both client and competitor referrals is extremely rewarding.